Science Olympiads

The web service lets school teachers enter their school’s science olympiad results into the system. The olympiad curators could then analyze the results across all schools and selector participants for the next rounds.

When I was in high school, my chemistry teacher mentioned how many headaches he and other teachers have with entering and analyzing results of science olympiads. So basically each school created an Excel document with the list of Olympiad participants and how much points they got. Then this document has been sent to the Olympiad curators. So at the end, they had a few dozens such reports from all schools across Tallinn, which they have to analyze and select the best pupils, who then would participate in the next round of the Olympiad. The worst part is that these Excel documents often get updated by schools (e.g., the final points get re-calculated, or some errors have been fixed) and re-sent to the curators, who had to update their final results then.

At that time I had been tinkering with web development for a couple of years already, so I suggested to create a web service, where teachers could enter and manage the results and curators would always have the actual version of all results always at hand.

The first version of my service has been used only for the chemistry Olympiads. But the next year geography, biology, mathematics, physics, and history has been added.

It had success, and teachers and curators loved it since they had much less headache now. Finally, we sold the service to the Estonian Ministry of Education.

As far as I know, after ten years this service is still in use today.


PHP, Kohana, MySQL.

I worked on the service from 2009 to 2010.