A service for content, projects, and team management in Revit.


Migrate to AWS

I migrated all Kinship services from a dedicated server to AWS.

Create automated tests and CI

I created automated tests, which each developer could run locally to make sure their changes don’t break the service.

I also built and integrated a CI system which runs all tests after each commit and notifies developers if some tests fail.

Improve services health check

To respond promptly to errors in the code and services failures, I integrated AWS CloudWatch. It tracks various metrics and notifies developers when something doesn’t work as expected. It reduced bug-fixing time.

Automate server management

Once the number of servers started to grow, it became harder to manage them manually.

I automated server management using Ansible, so with just one command new changes could be deployed to all servers.

The same command could be also used to deploy a local VM similar to the production environment for development.

Optimize loading speed

I helped track down bottlenecks and optimized the code and the infrastructure to fix them. It let Kinship serve an increased number of requests without the need to upgrade the hardware.


PHP, Python, MySQL, AWS, Docker, Ansible.

I’m working on Kinship as a full stack developer since 2016.