Recently I had this issue when I find some good information source, but I don’t like the medium it gets delivered. Usually, it’s some email newsletter that pop ups in my inbox, which gets me distracted. It’s a way much better to get it delivered to my RSS reader. Or you can set up cron jobs errors to be delivered to your email inbox. But you prefer to get them in a Slack channel.

There are many services out there that do just one integration. There is also Zapier where you can integrate almost everything. But I was looking into something in between which allows you to make different integrations but without too much hassle.

Unfortunately, I did find nothing, so I created Notifier. It receives a message in one channel and sends it to another.

For example, here is how to set up an email → RSS integration:

  1. Get a unique email address and related RSS feed (without sign-up).
  2. Forward emails to that address.
  3. Get them in the RSS feed.

Right now Notifier supports only two types of input channels (email and webhook) and four types of output channels (RSS, email, webhook, and Slack).

Soon, I’m planning to add also integration with Telegram channels.

Updated (Sep 8, 2017): I added Telegram integrations.

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